Shipping wine home from your stay here

One of the perks of riding in Provence, if you like wine, is the abundance of amazing Rhône producers in the region. Grenache and Syrah are the predominant grapes for reds, and Viognier for the whites, while many more locally grown varietals are allowed to be blended in. We live and operate in Séguret and our neighboring towns are Gigondas, Vacqueyras and Rasteau  – all Rhône Appellation d’Origine Contrõlée (AOC) classified wines. They are delicious and dramatically less expensive here than at home. A basic village level wine that would sell for $18 – $22 dollars in the States is about €5.00 ($7.25) here, with an infinity of producers to choose from.

Riders often ask if they can take back some of what they have tried and how to do it with the advent of strict “no liquids” in the cabin policy. Putting a bottle in your checked luggage often ends with ruined clothing (especially if it’s a red!).

There is a great way to do this, and we provide either a single, three, six, or twelve pack styrofoam shipping container that we help you pack your selection in. These foam “units” isolate and insulate each bottle and shock resist the whole assembly from airline baggage handling. We then slip the cardboard outer box into a local, generic french supermarket shopping bag with handles (they are designed to be used over and over – considerably heavier duty than our recent “eco” shopping bags at home). The bag is then closed with “FRAGILE” shipping tape and you are all set to send it as checked bags with no breakage worries. On your customs form just declare that you have “x” bottles of wine and you will pass through customs without an issue. You may have to pay duty if pressed on the value, but it will be well below your $1,000 dollar exemption.

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Cycleventoux is a bike tour company dedicated to the serious rider.
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