The pleasures of cooking in France after a long ride

One of the pleasures of running CycleVentoux here in the south of France is the incredible array of great ingredients to cook with in the markets. Whether it is Tuesday market in our neighboring Vaison la Romaine or our three great supermarkets: Super U, InterMarché or, dare I say Lidl, the cost-conscious supermarket that was voted “best quality” last year by an influential French foodie publication. My posh neighbors smile at me brandishing my Lidl shopping bag— “wouldn’t be seen in there, but you can get away with it being an American.” Ahhh, the social class system still fully in effect. A favorite dinner of cyclist/guests after a day on the road is simple—roast duck breast over white beans with onion, sage, and rosemary accompanied with fresh escarole braised in olive oil, white wine, garlic, and herbes de provence—the bottle of local côtes du rhônes goes without saying!

About cycleventoux

Cycleventoux is a bike tour company dedicated to the serious rider.
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