Our ride to the summit of Mont Ventoux

The weather in Provence these past three weeks has been unusually cool with many weather fronts passing through. This morning was clear and calm, so we headed for the 60-mile loop that includes the col de Mont Ventoux. We left Séguret for the newly rebuilt and widened road to Entrechaux and the direct route to Malaucène.

The “classic” way up Mont Ventoux, or as Le Tour de France takes it, is from Bedoin. I prefer going up from Malaucène. It is at times steeper, but the road is wider, better surfaced, visually much more interesting and has a few flat sections that give you a respite from the climb. While the car barriers are still down, the road is dry and clear despite intermittent storms that pass through and snow banks along the roadside. You generate plenty of heat climbing and don’t think much about the cold alpine air. It feels great to descend into the warm Rhône valley air below as we ride back home.

Click on the map for details of the ride.

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