Lodging & Dining

Look forward to great cooking and the fantastic wines of the Cotes du Rhône

  • Join us in planning meals.
  • The Domaine’s cave is open seven days, and a minute’s walk for their delicious wines to accompany your meals.
  • Comfortable, modern rooms and baths.
  • Spacious upstairs living and dining space.

Home base in SéguretThe Winemaker’s house at the Domaine de Mourchon in Séguret is our home base. The house sleeps 10 comfortably. The pool and surrounding grounds are peaceful and private. Set amongst the Domaine’s vineyards, it is a 10-minute walk from the house to the village.

We strive to provide excellent food when you are with us. We really encourage your participation in planning the cooking. Whether it’s a bouillabaisse, farm fresh roast chicken, amazing produce, and cheese courses to gluten- and dairy-free dishes, you can be assured what you eat is what you want to eat.

In addition to the great wines of the Domaine de Mourchon to choose from, we are surrounded by the winemakers of Séguret, Gigondas, Rasteau, Vacqueryas, and a short drive to the legendary Châteauneuf du Pape. There are a myriad of wonderful reds, whites, and rosés to accompany your meals.

Some photos of prepared meals, the house, and lunches “on the road.”

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